What is XenixCoin?

XenixCoin is a digital currency that allows two willing parties to conduct safe and private transactions anywhere around the world. Living in a society based on control and permanent surveillance by the government, the private institutions and private companies, XenixCoin is the solution to economic freedom and privacy.

Why chose XenixCoin?

In 2009, Bitcoin was the first epayment system that got rid of the third party involvment in online transactions. It didn’t rely on a central authority to be issued, but on cryptography as a means of creating and transfering money. The main issue with Bitcoin is that, in order for the third party to be completely absent, each transaction must be made publicly, and thus, each user has the possibilty to know the balance of another Bitcoin owner.

XenixCoin, on the other hand, has a better understanding for the user’s privacy and freedom. The protocol behind it is based on cryptographic pillars that makes sure each payment is untraceable and anonymous:

  • Traceable ring signatures;
  • Stealth addresses;
  • Non-interactive zero knowledge proofs.

XenixCoin for investors

XenixCoin is a global digital currency, which means anyone around the globe can own it and run transactions with it. In spite of that, governments and central banks do not control its issuance and do not hold any regulations or limitations upon it. Besides that, it has a low cost and it can be transferred in minutes, in any amount, with minimum fees influenced only by the exchange rate used.

Investing in XenixCoin is the secret of most over-the-night succesful investors in the last years. Ordinary people, but also business savvys from Europe, Asia or USA, are attracted by the advantages the XenixCoin has over other world currencies, its stability due to the fact that it’s not influenced by governments or countries and the high speed rate in which it can be transferred from the buyer towards the seller.