XenixWallet mobile app

Gain instant access to your XenixCoins wherever you are. Download the Xenixwallet on your mobile smart device and perform transactions on the go. Receive constant notifications about your Xenix address.

Performing transactions with XenixCoins is easier when you have the Xenixwallet on your phone

All you need is to install the Xenixwallet app on your smartphone. This allows you to have access to your individual funds or to your shared finances. In order to prevent unauthorized spending, every transaction needs a personal signature and multiple verifications. If, for example, you want to buy a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop that accepts XenixCoins, all you have to do is scan a QR code, enter your password and that’s it. The coins are processed through the blockchain and in about 10 minutes, the merchant receives the payments. Transfers are fast, reliable and secure. The Xenixwallet app is one of safest on the market.

01 Features

  • Direct referrals will get you a 10% commission;
  • If the people you referred attract more members, you get 10% commission from them.
  • Up-do-date review of your balance account;
  • Instant notifications for received coins, both in-app and via email;
  • Secured individual access to your XenixCoins – multiple authentcation methods;
  • Automatic synchronisation accross multiple devices;
  • User friendly experience;
  • Instant transfer of XenixCoins with anyone in the world;
  • Send and receive XenixCoins via QR-code or URLs;
  • Self-encryption of private keys;
  • Payment requests are easily identifiable by the account name;
  • Secure XenixCoin payments;
  • Full control over your account;
  • Group shared accounts with multiple permissions;
  • Private key protection;
  • Security developped by top experts in the cryptography field;
  • At your disposal customer support (link).