Merchant's corner

Accept XenixCoin payments

XenixCoin transfers are safe, easy to make and irreversible. This means customers can’t ask for their money back. As soon as they place the order and make the payment, the money gets transfered into your account and you can ship the products or perform the services.

XenixCoin payments are safe and easy to make

Payment methods such as credit cards require 2-3 days until they process. XenixCoin payments are as fast as one hour. It’s cost efficient and bares no hidden fees.

The Xenix Vendor platform offers a quick and safe way for you to have full control over the payment process.

  • Safe and easy to use;
  • Provides instant updates of your balance;
  • List orders from your clients;
  • Manage orders.

The Xenix Vendor platform allows you to keep the XenixCoins or exchange them for your local currency, through our payment gateway integration.