XenixCoin framework

What gets the XenixCoin going?

The Xenix team believes in the collaborative strength of the community. One person with development background is good, but what about thousands of front and back-end developpers, each with experience in cryptography, HTML, Java and other programming languages, that help in deploying this type of technology? The more, the better, is what we always say.
We chose to release the source code under license so that anyone can edit, modify, improve, copy and distribute the software according to his or her needs. This adds to the entire transparency of the project, as every change in the code and binary is visible and susceptible to verifications.
The collaborative process has, so far, led to features that improve the speed, stability, security and privacy of the XenixCoin universe.

Decentralization of transfers

Third parties are not involved in the exchanges between XenixCoin owners. All payments are performed on the trading platform, secured and processed as fast as 10 seconds after hitting the "send" button.

Currency stability

As any other digital currency, the XenixCoin has its value pegged to that of other assets. It can be converted at any time, at a transparent exchange rate. Due to the lack of centralization, the XenixCoin is free from any restrictions and the fluctuations of the market have a minimal influence over it.

Over the top technology

We predict that in the near future existing financial platforms will become obsolete. The high-end technology used for the blockchain and the smart contract platforms are engineered to process hundreds of thousands of transactions each minute, confirmed by the Proof of Stake network almost immediately.

Transferable user account permissions

We got all your needs covered, so that your XenixCoin transfers and deposits are safe at all times. You can establish rules of permission over one or more accounts to a number of users, and you can track the transfers performed by every account under your supervision.

Always on time payments

For monthly bills and recurring payments, you have the possibility to establish a set of permissions for third parties, to withdraw money from your account. This way, you don't have to worry anymore about remembering the maturity of your payments.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake protocol

Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) is the safest and fastest decentralized way for securing a cryptocurrency network, processing transactions and reaching a distributed consensus about the ownership of the digital currency. It reduces the cost and electricity usage of other Proof of Work systems. The delegates are voted by each owner of a Xenixwallet and their responisbilities include validating transactions, maintaining and supervising the blockchain and protecting against unwanted regulatory interference. It has been proven more efficient than regulatory Proof of Stake, leading to a decrease in transaction fees, faster confirmations and increased profitability.

01 Get in on the XenixCoin mining process

XenixCoin users can mine using the X11 algorithm. X11 is a chained hash algorithm that is suitable for both CPU and GPU mining. This means that every user can be encouraged to mine for the coins, as the software and hardware resources necessary for this process are minimal.

The algorithms gets its name from the 11 different algorithms which are chained together. The benefits of using these systems in runing the mining process are:

  • Increased security against brute force attacks;
  • Greater power efficiency and increased protection of the hardware. Other algorithms may consume a greater amount of CPU and GPU memory which will increase the temperature of the computer with up to 30% and use more electricity. This will lead to the lifespan reduction of the hardware and more expensive electricity costs. X11 algorithms avoid all these disadvantages, making them more popular in the mining field.
  • Friendly for CPU/GPU users - it prevents the use of ASIC miners. ASIC is a script mining algorithm that gives power over the network to a small group of miners, as opposed to the initial scope of cryptocurrency, in which every user could take part in the mining process, secure the network and earn rewards. X11 algorithms guarantee protection for the short-up-to-midterm future against the ASCI scripts.
  • Decentralizes the network and improves its security. Centralization leads to powerful businesses covering their cost by dumping the mined coins and taking profits, whereas individuals might not do this.

02 We've built the XenixCoin universe using the latest technology and keeping our core values in mind

  • Respect for your privacy and security;
  • Quick and easy access to your account and transactions;
  • Decentralization of the blockchain system;
  • Universal approachability by all users.